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Suzana Sjenicic welcomes you!

If you are struggling with making a decision, facing a difficulty, or feeling overwhelmed, my empathic, warm and non-judgemental approach is the right fit for you. We would collaboratively work on setting a goal for yourself and take the necessary steps to improve your life. I have vast experience working with diverse clients, and I am highly culturally sensitive. I strongly believe that every individual is unique; therefore, I tailor my counseling approaches to each individual client. I enjoy learning with and from my clients, and would love to accompany you on your journey towards achievement of your goals.

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"The process of growth is a painful one. Sometimes, it has to get worse before it gets better."

Suzana Sjenicic

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Psychotherapy is a basic form of self-care. Just like you would go to the dentist to maintain the health of your teeth, internist to maintain your general health, and manicurist to maintain the beauty and health of your hands, psychotherapist will help you maintain your mental and emotional hygiene. Everyone deserves at least an hour a week (definitely more) of self-care and time to relax and clear their head, and scheduling an appointment with a psychotherapist could ensure that you do get that well-deserved hour to work on your goals, on your personal and professional growth and discuss ways to manage your interpersonal relationships in a healthy way.

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