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Anxiety Free Products

"Anxiety Free" book

A book that will help you learn about anxiety and cope with its symptoms on your own or as a support between psychotherapy sessions.


Anxiety Free App

Your daily companion - you are not alone.


Anxiety Free Program

Anxiety Free Program offers you step-by-step solutions to your anxiety symptoms. In individualized sessions, you will be working with me one-on-one to effectively, structurally and in a way that is personalized to you, recognize and target roots of your anxiety, connections of history to your current symptoms, and learn about ways to successfully cope should symptoms arise. 

Program is broken into structured parts, however, flexible enough to meet your personalized needs, and those parts could be addressed in your chosen number of training sessions. The program includes the following six modules:

1. Understanding Anxiety

2. Exploring Your History

3. Targeting Current Stressors

4. Healing Your Inner Child

5. Developing Coping Tools

6. Anxiety Free 

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Anxiety Free App


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