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Accompanying you on your personal growth journey


Individual Therapy

If you are feeling doubtful, stressed out, experiencing a difficulty, going through the period of transition, or simply want to focus on your personal growth, taking steps towards engaging in individual therapy could open the door to discovering the best version of yourself and unlocking your potential.
Through use of the therapeutic relationship, exploration of your past experiences, interests and preferences, together, we will work through problematic patterns and help you develop healthy approaches to life and problem solving, while learning about yourself and gaining insight into your historical milestones.

Couples Therapy

If you are a new couple and would like to get to know one another and work towards building a life together, or perhaps have been together for many years, but are facing difficulties and would like to overcome differences, I would be happy to join you in working towards an optimal state of your relationship or marriage.
Each individual is unique, with a distinct personality and past experiences that they bring into the relationship. Often, some of those experiences impact the relationship in ways that are not conducive for its growth, while sometimes, partners' behaviors become triggers for conflict.
In our work together, we would learn to identify those triggers, learn about healthy communication tools, address problematic behaviors without causing conflict, and you will become able to work as a team towards making your relationship a pleasant, happy place to be in.


Family Therapy

Emotions, behaviors, personality traits, problems, hopes, interests... We all have them and they represent a big part of our lives. Now, imagine what could happen if there are multiple people, of various ages, in different roles in the household, who also happen to have different perspectives on conflict resolution, affection, and expectations. Yes, you've guessed correctly - conflict is expected.
If your family is experiencing problems in communication, role definition, or generational gaps, therapy is the right place for you. Collaboratively, while taking each family member's feelings and preferences into consideration, we would reach compromise and find a healthy way to achieve peace and harmony in your home.

Play Therapy

Sometimes, our youngest ones are experiencing problems, too. Family conflicts, parental divorce, academic problems or social struggles, are all reasons to attend therapy, and process their feelings in a timely manner. Children are sponges for emotions and in their little world, problems are big and significant. 
Through play therapy, fun activities, arts and crafts and parental involvement in treatment as necessary, I enjoy helping children achieve their fullest potential, adjust to the world around them effectively, and I provide their own safe space and time to talk about whatever it is that is important to them.
Through a variety of activities and conversations, children learn about healthy communication, self-esteem and confidence, time management, organizational and study skills, as well as effective ways to express and cope with emotions.

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