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You Built Your Career for Decades, and Now You Want Out?

Changes are difficult even when they are positive. What happens when you are no longer happy in the career you've been in for decades?

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"New Year - New Me" and Other Lies

by Suzana Sjenicic

New article on productivity for Celenic Earth Publications.

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In article for Therapy Route, I discuss 4 most common problems that people have been facing during the Coronavirus pandemic, and offer tips for effective coping.

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Anxiety Free

Many of us feel anxious on a daily basis. Whether it be stress at work or college, family problems, the usual crowds on the streets and city transportation, or some daily routine that is no longer so simple; there is a feeling that the problems are overwhelming and that they are taking control of us and that there is nothing we can do about it. Anxiety makes us anxious about the future or keeps us burdened with the past. Neither of these two is healthy and both of these things can significantly weaken and exhaust us, both mentally and physically.

With the tips and practical exercises this book provides, you will learn how to recognize anxiety symptoms in yourself and in your loved ones. Learn how to control your own panic and anxiety attacks and how to help a loved one with a similar problem. Get rid of harmful patterns and enhance and enrich your life with serenity and well-being.

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Lonesome Train

An anthology of short stories all about the trains. Trains however you can imagine them, and in whichever context. I contributed with my short story "Gone Train." 

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My book "Anxiety-Free" has originally been published in Serbia. It provides suggestions and practical exercises that will allow you to recognize symptoms of anxiety in yourself and your loved ones. It teaches you how to control anxiety and panic attacks, and how to help someone in your immediate surroundings who is experiencing them.

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Poem "Mama, Come Back" was written to support incarcerated mothers and their children on Mother's Day. You can read it at the link below:

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A collection of over a 100 short fictional stories of all genres, currently in the running towards the Guinness World Record as the anthology with most short stories written by different authors. My short story, "Madrena," the first short story I've published, is a part of this anthology.

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We always listen about our childhood shaping us. This article on Parenting and Its Influence on Child's Life will give you more insight about early attachment patterns and their impact on children as they grow up. 

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